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Souped Up 2013 Big, BIG, Hit

Souped Up WinnerThe GCC’s annual event, Souped Up on Guilderland was a gigantic success on Saturday, September 28. This 7th annual Souped Up featured the area’s best restaurants and food purveyers competing for trophies and the honor of being a winner in the soup competition. Visitors selected the best of several categories.

Souped Up WinnerIn addition, hundreds of classic and custom cars (including hot rods) were featured in the best-yet car show. A crowd favorite was selected and others vehicles were chosen by the expert car show judges.

Awards were presented by YNN’s JoDee Kenney! JoDee and Steve Wacksman from the CDTA are pictured on the right with
several of the car show winners.

Souped Up winnersHere are the Souped Up soup competition winners:

Sponsors included:

Congratulations to all restaurants and car owners who participated. Details on this year’s event are at www.tasteofguilerland.com.

Here are some more photos from Souped Up on Guilderland: